Post production, sound processing, mixing, sound editing are only a tiny part of the skills that I provide. Specificity and originality, it’s the only studio that can come to you! For the recording of vocal sound,  piano,  guitar … I travel with high-end equipment to record you. You can also send me your project to set up or to process by email. The bride and groom can also entrust me with their ball opening. Do you want to offer an original birthday present to keep forever? Come and record one or more of your favorite songs with a short supporting film.


Here is the specificity and originality of what sets us apart from our colleagues. The small image on the left speaks for itself. In this example I recorded a whole album with Fabienne. Another lyric album has since been produced as she was delighted with the result.

I moved to a small church to reproduce the acoustics of the place. 2 microphones for the Steinway piano and a Neumann M149 tube were used for the sound recording.

In case you want to reproduce a particular sound or you simply do not want to move, this solution is ideal.


Imagine wanting to offer a birthday present to your child who wants to make a demo or need a sound recording for your album in progress : all projects are possible.

For the wedding couples who want to edit their ball opening, it’s perfect… you’ll be sure to have a good sound to impress your guests!

You can send me your project to edit or process on the net. Cherry on the cake : we can make a short souvenir movie of your time at SR Studio.


The quality of the take over is a must for obtaining a quality mix afterwards. However, we are also able to improve your own layouts or individual tracks.

For vocal pickup I basically use a Neumann M149 tube that runs through various high end preamps such as Manley or Neve. For the other instruments like the guitar or bass I work with Universal audio sound cards. All of this is described at the very bottom of the page…

I record each instrument with a Logic Pro system. I trained with Jean Louis Hennequin who worked with Johnny Hallyday, Patricia Kaas and many others…


Mixing is an essential step, probably the one that will have the most important impact on the final result. A good mix will give a new dimension to your tracks by getting the most out of your sound recordings.

This is the most important step before mastering and if it is missed, like a painter not satisfied with his sketch, it goes in the trash and we start again!

The mixing step can also include the voice processing. I propose to correct your entire voice recording. In the 25 years that I have been doing this job, I have yet to meet anyone who sang perfectly in tune. You will only find these nuggets, I think, in the lyrical field but not in the field of variety. But that’s just my opinion…


This is the final step of your project. You will not leave the studio or I will not return your product to you without first processing the audio tracks so that you can use them on any device such as iPad, stereo, all types of headphones etc…

Mastering also makes it possible to give an overall cohesion to the different elements of a song in order to make it sound like a finished product ready to be broadcasted.

Without this step, your sound projects may not sound as good, so don’t neglect it. We take 80 euros for the mastering of your stereo track.


Below is the high-end equipment used by the biggest recording studios through Abbey Road to the venues that have hosted the world’s greatest artists. The brands I use no longer have to prove their quality in the musical world. These tools will make your sound productions original and above all, live up to your craziest inspirations.