The Striking Lightbox

The striking theme has the ability to link almost everyting into a lightbox popup, even iframes with a link to a external website are supported (if the website does allow iframe linking). The lighbox shortcode is a very complex shortcode because of its comprehensive settings and abilities. Below are some examples and abilities shown about what can be done with the Striking lightbox shortcode and how a lightbox can be triggered. Note : These are just a limited excerpt of it’s wide range lightbox abilities.


Lightbox trigger by text

Single Image
Grouped Photo 1
Grouped Photo 2
Grouped Photo 3

Lightbox triggered by a image or button

Lightbox triggered by Image

Lightbox Gallery triggered by a image or button

Lightbox displaying a website in a iframe triggered by text.

Outside Webpage (Iframe)

Video in a lightbox triggered by text

Lightbox with video

Lightbox displaying a google map triggered by text

Click to open a google map