Striking WordPress Pages

Because of all the striking abilities creating a page with content is very easy. The wordpress content editor is you notepad. Anything you write in there accompanied by images, shortcodes (presenting video, audio, typography, sliders, buttons… anything of your choice) will generate a stunning page at the front of your website. Almost anything you want you can create with the abilities of the striking theme with a ease beyond believe.

For Pages Striking offers 6 templates

We created 6 templates for pages one can choose from. But if you know your way around in wordpress and follow the theme logic you can easily create and add your own templates. Striking will find them and pick them up ready to us anywhere in your pages. The default page templates are :

  • Fullwidth Layout Template
  • Left Sidebar Layout Template
  • Right Sidebar Layout Template
  • Page with Comment Template
  • Landingpage Template
  • Sitemap Template

Pages can be set to 3 different Layouts

The layouts to choose from are :

  • Fullwidth Layout
  • Left Sidebar Layout
  • Right Sidebar Layout

Global default layouts

In each page, post or portfolio item a layout can be set to type « Default » in which case, for that page, post or portfolio item, the default global layout will be picked up as set in the Striking Theme settings. Striking supports global layout settings for:

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