Slideshow for Pages & (Custom) Posts

The Striking theme allows you to set a slideshow to any page, post or portfolio item. The slideshow can be set for the featured header or by shortcode. Slideshows use preset settings to display the images. Presets can be created unlimited. This means you can present the same slider show different ways, by changing sizes and transitioning, but also by choosing another slider type. Striking has 6 different slider types to display your images in the featured header area.

A shortcoded slider can be inserted anywhere in the page, post or portfolio body content or even in the featured header custom text area. The abilities of this theme presenting slideshows are just dazzling.

The 7 available sliders are:

  • Nivo Slider
  • Kenburner Slider
  • Fotorama Slider
  • Unleash Accordion Slider
  • Roundabout Slider
  • Revolution Slider (plugin)
  • The Carousel (product) Slider
Sliders can display images and (custom) post (the latter either by category or id) from :

  • The Slider custom posttype (which can contain galleries)
  • Portfolio galleries (not all sliders support this ability)
  • Blogposts (in which case the attached featured image is presented)
  • Portfolio posts (in which case the attached featured image is presented)
  • WordPress images (self gallery)

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