The Striking Blog Page

The striking theme has two ways to set a page to a blog listing page.

Note : This means you can have unlimited blog listing pages.

Creating a blog listing page with the blogshortcode

Any page or even post can contain a bloglist showing one or more blogposts. This way a page can, for example show a small list of posts about a certain subject/topic, below the default story of that page. The bloglist can be inserted by a shortcode at any point into the body content of a page, post or even portfolio item. The shortcode is created and generated by the buildin striking shortcode generator and could look like this:

The shortcode generator can be found above the content editor and is shown in two different ways.

Bloglist presentation

The striking bloglist can have different layouts and presentations.

Note : Size of the image for each layout (left, right, full, below or above title) and its effect (border, coloring, lightbox popup etc) can be set in the shortcode and/or striking blog settings.

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